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System Simulation - Technical Publications

SolidWorks Composer

Utilize your 3D CAD models to present or explain your products to your users. Demonstrate how to assemble, dis-assemble or repair. Create interactive documentation that transcends language barriers. Don’t tell them with words, show them with interactive pictures!


A powerful object oriented application that lets you determine the effects of process changes before you make them. An extensive array of variable distributions provides the user with the ability to simulate essentially any manufacturing or logistic environment.

Simio is a unique tool that incorporates variability into a model, which allows for a system to behave with true randomness, like the real world. The benefit is a model that predicts behavior prior to allocating resources or making an investment in capital equipment.

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“I would like to thank you and your team for doing a great job…Your ability to show current concepts and also quickly dredge up earlier work have been very valuable in the presentations. We have received several new proposals for fixtures and I want to check your availability (bandwidth) to take on additional work. I am attaching a job that we need to have done and I would like to know how many of this type you could do per week going forward through the end of the year. Thanks again for the fine support” Brent Bauerband

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