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Markforged 3D Printers

Strong carbon fiber filled 3D printed parts that you can actually use!  Comparable to the stress strain performance of aluminum, you don’t have to wait two weeks and pay for the high cost of machined parts.  If you absolutely, positively need aluminum, then okay.  But if you can use Markforged carbon fiber filed nylon instead, which you can in many situations, you are going to wonder why you have been throwing your money away for so long.

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If you are serious about saving money and time, set up a benchmark test with our Phoenix Design Center. Not only can we print your part as is, we can show you multiple ways to reduce the number of parts.  Or combine features into your design that just never occurred to you, because, well, you couldn’t do it.  With 3D printing strong parts, you can do so much more.  Call us now!  480.699.0600.  We are here to help!


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“I would like to thank you and your team for doing a great job…Your ability to show current concepts and also quickly dredge up earlier work have been very valuable in the presentations. We have received several new proposals for fixtures and I want to check your availability (bandwidth) to take on additional work. I am attaching a job that we need to have done and I would like to know how many of this type you could do per week going forward through the end of the year. Thanks again for the fine support” Brent Bauerband

“If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.”