On-Demand SolidWorks Design & Engineering Services

Certified SolidWorks Professionals & Experts

The exact support you need, when you need it.

We provide Certified SolidWorks Engineers and Designers for temporary peak demand, longer-term contracts, and direct hire positions. Designers are InterLink W-2 employees and are available to work under your supervision, or at our Design & Prototype Center in Phoenix. InterLink is a re-engineered and specialized recruiting firm.  We do everything that a recruiting firm does, and quite a bit more.  We also differ in that first and foremost, we are an engineering house that specializes in design and manufacturing. Then we add a few things that other firms won’t even think about. Consider the following items:

Our employees are tested and hired by us before we ask you to hire them as contractors.

We specialize in only one area – SolidWorks Engineers & Designers

Typical recruiters are called headhunters for a reason. They want you to take the responsibility and risk in hiring, while they take the profit. Not only have we already made the hiring commitment, but we can also help you by providing:

A powerful graphics workstation ($3,000 value)

A SolidWorks license ($10,000 value)

Additional SolidWorks products as required (Industrial Designer, Composer, etc.)

Since we understand what it takes to design and manufacture, we know which questions to ask. We identify the Engineers and Designers that have the skills that will meet your needs. We look for the right social traits as well, to ensure a good cultural fit. The result is an engineering resource solution that meets your requirements exactly. Here when you need us; gone when you don’t!


Thanks for the fantastic work on the Inspire Sensor! We couldn’t have done it without you and your team!

The enclosed plaque is a small token of our appreciation for all of your work on the project.”

Mark Christopherson

VP Product Development, Inspire Medical Systems