Create a 3D Model with the HP Scanner Pro S3

Scan in 3D - Print in 3D

HP Scanner Pro S3

Scan it in 3D – Print it in 3D

Precise control – Accelerate your workflow

Scan size: 60 – 500 mm (2.5 – 25 in.)

Resolution/Precision: 1% of scan size (down to .06 mm or .003 in.)

One scan is less than a few seconds

Export as OBJ, STL, PLY

HP Scanner Pro S3 Data Sheet

Seamlessly fuse scans

Mount Accessory

Mounting Accessory allows for precise setup

Digitize complex surfaces with a high speed industrial camera at 54 frames per second!

Flexible – Scalable – Portable

Meet your new 3D scanning solution!

Reinvent how you prototype and produce functional parts Three-dimensional printing of functional objects and machine parts is becoming a reality. 3D printing offers the ability to produce—both rapidly and at low cost—short runs or one-of-a-kind parts.

But remember…

you need a 3D model to print a 3D part!

Reinvent How You Prototype and Produce Functional Parts

Superior & Consistent Scan Quality

Get extreme dimensional accuracy and fine detail!

Breakthrough Productivity

Produce high resolution, watertight 3D models on difficult or impossible to measure parts!

Save Money

Reduce cost by rapidly scanning parts and creating 3D models

A two minute case study that nicely illustrates the process and work flow of scanning an object and converting it to a three dimensional CAD model.