SolidWorks Composer Tip

This video has several tips for SolidWorks Composer animation. Most companies today have moved into the 3D CAD realm for designing products, but not so many have taken advantage of their 3D data for other uses.  It’s called re-purposing your CAD data or leveraging your engineering designs.  Think of it as a way to provide greater value to your end user, and more loyalty to your company.

As an engineering designer, you can use the SolidWorks Composer tool to communicate the key features of a design, which will initiate discussion of the benefits and value of the product.  A well done SolidWorks Composer video with animation can go a long way to improve technical communication.  You can find more information about SolidWorks Composer here.

SolidWorks Composer contains tools that allow you to easily snap photos of different views, and these can be used later to illustrate or highlight something specific.  You can also highlight certain features in your design.  By using the animation function, you are able to create interactive files.  While the user is watching the video, it will stop and a part will blink encouraging your user to click on it for more detailed instruction or information.  Using interaction, you can take the user through a repair process step by step.  Or show an exploded view of an assembly from which the user can choose a part to order.